Bring Your Own Beamer

Bring Your Own Beamer

  • Art, Free
  • Brighton Dome, Concert Hall

Bring Your Own Beamer is a one night exhibition for artists and their projectors; a riot of light, colour, sound and movement. The idea is simple: find a place, invite artists, ask them to bring projectors. This city is capable of producing whatever it wants and there are no limits to the projections: DIY videos, generative art, anything.

We've managed to negotiate one of the most important sites in the city: Bring Your Own Beamer will be held inside Brighton Dome's Concert Hall and the warren of underground tunnels and chorus rooms below it.

In preparation, Lab for the Recently Possible is holding two 'Lab Days' on Tuesdays 4 Sept and 11 Sept: a chance to get together with other artists and makers to edit video montages, create computer art and let the imagination fly.

Organised by somewhereto_

Produced in cahoots with Sound Screen and Lab for the Recently Possible

Original idea/ template: Rafael Rozendaal, a Berlin-based artist

18:00, 16 September 2012

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