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  • Phoenix Brighton , 10-14 Waterloo Place, Brighton, BN2 9NB

Blandy is a contemporary artist who uses video, performance, digital technology, animation and comics to investigate the form and content of the popular culture that surrounds us.
His recent works including, 'Anjin 1600' and 'Child of the Atom', draw on the visual language of Japanese anime to tell deeply personal cross-cultural stories. In these works, Blandy asks us to analyse the images and stories that surround us, the games we play, and the films we watch, to think about how much of this mental noise makes us who we are. Do the films we watch become collective memories, do we find ourselves through the games that we play?
Through his use of the very media that he is seeking to deconstruct, video and videogames, Blandy creates truly accessible work that can be simultaneously humorous and philosophical, ironic and heartfelt.
Odysseys is curated by Lighthouse and presented in partnership with Phoenix Brighton for Brighton Digital Festival , and is supported by Arts Council England.

Printing for Odysseys sponsored by Spectrum: www.spectrumphoto.co.uk

11:00 - 18:00, 01-23 September 2012


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