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In the age of Facebook and Wikileaks, most men and women grapple with issues of online privacy and exposure without understanding how the online world is put together. “Geek” figures tend to be male: think Mark Zuckerburg, Julian Assange. Is there a place for women inside “geek space”—and what news might a female hacker bring back for the rest of us?
In Error_in_Time() Nancy Mauro-Flude gives a compelling insight into geek space from the perspective of a female media hacker. Error_in_Time() uses live code manipulations to explore the intimate workings of computer/human interfaces, surveillance and social media.

Nancy Mauro-Flude is a performance artist based in Tasmania. Currently she is a PhD candidate at Tasmanian School of Art, University of Tasmania. Her work bends in from our fascinating and complex mortal world into the virtual dark and back again. As a critical writer and artist working with and inspired by FLOSS tools and electronics, her work is exhibited & presented Internationally such as: V2 (Rotterdam, Museum Quartier q21(Vienna), MONA Festival Of Music and Art (Tasmania), File Festival (Sao Paulo), International Season Electronic Art (ISEA), Transmediale (Berlin), Netherlands New Media Art Institute (Amsterdam).

Error_In_Time() will mark the launch of Permanent’s new project e-PERMANENT. e-PERMANENT is a platform for newly commissioned work for digital space, a digital archive invigorating documentation of Permanent’s past exhibitions and events, and a space for new writing. e-PERMANENT is being developed in a temporary workspace at Phoenix Brighton.

'Error_in_Time() has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. This performance of Error_in-Time() and e-PERMANENT have been supported by Arts Council England and Phoenix Brighton'

14:00, 02 September 2012

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