PixelPyros – digital fireworks display

PixelPyros – digital fireworks display

Everyone loves fireworks, but usually we’re told to light the touch paper and stand well back. But with virtual fireworks created by Seb Lee-Delisle, you can get up close, trigger them with your arms and legs and head.

Following on from the highly successful “Pyro(technics) to the People”, the new version is much more sophisticated, with higher resolution, different interaction methods and a highly refined infra-red motion detection system. There will be glowing orbs of light; move your hand over them and rockets shoot out. Imagine running across an array of triggers that fire rockets as you go!

This is the official launch event of the Brighton Digital Festival, projecting onto the huge façade of the Jubilee Library (25m x 21m) in Brighton, UK.

PixelPyros is an experience that uplifts and delights, and engages the audience in a truly unique digital interactive event.


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