Quick Fictions

Quick Fictions

Quick Fictions is an interactive iphone app exploring new ways to curate fiction. It is a collaboration between the University of Sussex, Aimer Media and Myriad Editions and is full of crafted narratives that are short enough to read on the bus and sharp enough to stay with you.

On 24th September, join us for a night of quick fiction where every story is under 300 words. We’ll present the app’s best-loved stories alongside famous quick fictions with live drawing from graphic novelists. Recordings of authors and actors reading stories will be integrated with live performances. Recordings made on the night will also be included on the app.

We’ll invite our audience to write quick fictions of their own for the next update.

Quick fiction continues to gain popularity but conventional publication formats don’t suit its brevity. The app is the ideal way to publish this form of writing. Quick Fictions aims to be to literature what Twitter is to email.

18:30, 24 September 2012


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