Talk: Alex May “Painting with Light” (Free Event)

Talk: Alex May “Painting with Light” (Free Event)

  • Art, event
  • Phoenix Brighton

Alex May is an artist who creates his own software for video projection installations and interactive digital artworks exploring how the human perception of reality can be altered and extended through code and technology. He will discuss his creative practice and his new project “Painting with Light” which aims to develop a new paradigm in video mapping, working within a fine art context.

Alex May Biography
Alex May works with light emitting technologies, computer programming, mathematics, power tools, and physical objects as a canvas to create hybrid collisions of images and unexpected context. Developing his own software to combine 17th Century scientific theories of perspective and projective geometry with the real-time possibilities of readily available technologies such as high power graphics cards, Arduino, and Microsoft’s Kinect.

19:00, 12 September 2012

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