The Undercliff

The Undercliff

  • Art, event
  • The Undercliff Walk, between Rottingdean

Brighton Digital Festival and Brighton & Hove Open Door brings to you a unique event in the majestic location of the Undercliff walk. This spectacular exhibition setting sees the ‘cliff corridor’ open out into a space evocative of an amphitheatre. The sea wall is envisaged by many as a fortress in an unyielding battle against the sea due to its volatile and enduring relationship with coastal erosion. Through portraiture and landscape photography, Jonathan Hyde approaches this place and those who frequent it as a counter commemorative process; illuminating the space whilst also identifying the ways in which it unites a community. The photographs will be accompanied by a poetic audiovisual film projected onto the cliff face. It will focus on the narratives of those who use the space; discussing their memories- and for some- their rituals in relation to the Undercliff walk.


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